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Chicago-based producer, rapper, and artist Emmett has released a new captivating jam titled “Sky All Around”

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Emmett is a self-made musical maestro meteorically riding his way to the top of the global music scene thanks to his genuine artistry, which is matched only by his unwavering ambition and dedication to his craft. He has emerged as a multifaceted prodigy, showcasing showmanship way beyond his years. His impressive music is a testament to his versatility and innovation, which have established him as an artist who consistently pushes the boundaries of his music. For example, his highly acclaimed single, “Attention Seeker”, exemplifies his ability to blend various musical influences into a unique and captivating sound. Unsurprisingly, the tune has amassed well over 94K streams on Spotify alone. Continuing to stretch the limits of his creativity, Emmett remains focused on achieving effortless perfection and longevity in his music career.

Emmett’s dedication to his craft is evident in the thoughtfulness and quality of his latest work, “Sky All Around”- an authentic body of work with a meaningful and relatable theme at its core.

This tune takes on multiple forms, all in service of the large theme of potential—its achievement or lack thereof. The point being put across to everyone who cares to lend an ear is that we have to make the most of our time here on earth to avoid future regrets when the end comes or when we are no longer in a position to change anything. It is also imperative that we keep only those with whom we share similar visions, dreams, and hopes around us and avoid those who bring negativity and drain our energy and optimism in life.

The incredibly powerful and ear-catching hook sets the tone for the track and has been performed with such a warm tone, backed by sweet piano tones and crystal-clear vocals.

On reaching the verse, the beat is adopts a dense, catchy, and upbeat feel, built around the 808, with the bass, synths, drums, and familiar hi-hats meticulously weaved together to create a hypnotic beat that offers the perfect bed of support for Emmett’s impeccable and masterful rap flows

The way he rides this beat with such subtle confidence, with a style that spans singing and rapping, showcases his boundless versatility and creativity.

Emmett is a star in the making, and music like this confirms that truth tenfold!

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