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Up-And-Coming Canadian Singer/Songwriter and Producer Elia Press Artfully Merges His Debut Single, “Sunset at the Beach,” With an Aura of Self-Belief to Engineer a Cross-Over Infectious Anthem!

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From a young age, Elia Press was always in the presence of music. His mother played a variety of music across all genres, and he always found himself singing along. Elia looks back at these memories with profound happiness because that was when his musical interest was continuously sparked, which has really made him the artist he is now and ultimately the one he wishes to become in the future. Those early musical experiences, especially those with his idol, Bruno Mars, had a lasting impact on him, as he feels they are the major influences that have enabled him to develop his own signature sound. Just at the beginning of his own career, Elia is dedicated to exploring new avenues in music and striving to create something truly original and innovative.

His debut single, “Sunset at the Beach,” featuring friend and fellow artist Arrinel, was actually conceived during one of their European tours and really underscores Elia’s showmanship not only as an artist but also as a producer; following frustrations from producers and engineers who did not understand their work and vision, Elia decided to produce the track himself. I can tell you for free that this track is anything but amateur-ish!

With a tantalizing blend of indie pop and ambient hip hop, “Sunset at the Beach” is wavy and refreshing. At the first drop of the melody and rhythm, you’ll be ready to dance like no one’s watching.

I also feel that Elia and Arrinel have such great chemistry together…you wouldn’t actually think this is their first project together, and the way they trade verses; their energy off one another really complements this banger splendidly.

Over all, “Sunshine at the Beach” is an enjoyable track that triggers some memories about the summer that are bound to remain with the listener forever.

Throughout Elia’s life, he has always been drawn to musicians who aren’t afraid to take risks and try new things in their work. He is now striving to do the same in his own musical style; “Sunshine at the Beach” is just the beginning of his explorative odyssey as he seeks to always look for ways to contribute something fresh and innovative to the genre.

You can expect more releases from Elia Press, starting with another Elia/Arrinel duet this coming March 10th as well as his solo release dubbed, “Diamond” which will be officially dropped on March 24, 2023.

For now, it is only right that you get acquainted with his debut work by following the attached link and adding it to your playlist!





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