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Dontáe’s Peak’s Latest Single, “Conflicted” Featuring Whosdelly and Produced by the Veteran Producer Ty the Sound God, Is a Hypnotic Street Anthem!

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Dontáe’s Peak eclectic music mirrors his eccentric lifestyle; his genre-defying sound takes inspiration from several influences and is concocted into one impressive body of work that has been founded in the hip-hop genre. Peak is a master at lyrical wordplay, polyrhythmic verses, beatboxing, and rapid-fire freestyling as he effortlessly shapeshifts across various sounds and flows.

His eccentric and varied style has cemented him as one of the most prolific rap artists of today. His songwriting reflects his far-reaching authenticity, and he has been a strong advocate of using the power of music to uplift and inspire others to elevated levels of consciousness.

Right at this moment the headlines belong to Dontáe’s Peak and his new blockbuster of a track “Conflicted” that he collaborated with Whosdelly and was produced by the legendary producer Ty the Sound God, who has worked with veteran artists such as Lil Bow Wow, Mariah Carey, and Travis Scott.

“Conflicted’ is a straight-up banging anthem that features signature hi-hats, a thumping bassline, pounding drums, and atmospheric synths. The gentlemen unleash their killer instinct to ensure that even if you are a teetotaler, you end up getting intoxicated.

I love how each performer picks up on the other’s cadence to ensure that the track flows in the same direction and rhythm in between that infectious hook that will remain to play in your head even after the track is no more.

This is the very definition of a hit anthem, and listening to those slick beats that are a result of breathtaking production, you wouldn’t guess that this masterpiece was authenticated in a 4×6 basement with just some basic equipment…I guess when you are big, you are big, and everything you touch ends up turning to gold!

To get a piece of this tweeter-splitting banger, follow the attached link and make sure you listen to this track in your car speakers…at least once to fully experience those bouncing bass and synths!




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