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Eclectic Music Powerhouse Dixie Ziemba Delivers a Deeply Relatable Performance in Her New Single Titled “Broken Glass.”

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“Broken Glass” is the kind of track that you just don’t want to stop playing—the kind of track that gets you wishing there was just one more verse so that you could keep listening to that goosebump-inducing, once-in-a-lifetime voice by one lounge singer-songwriter Dixie Ziemba, who is at the top of her creative expression and is seeking to lay her mark on the music industry with an eclectic style of music that is as adventurous as it is rebellious. She prides herself on coming from the side of timeless music, where the quality of the lyrics and authenticity all stand for something.

With her latest single, “Broken Glass”, Dixie Ziemba hits a personal and sentimental tone that feels relatable and deep, as it is coming from a place that breeds an honest set of lyrics that all come together with a sort of live lounge for an easy and tranquil listening experience.

This track that she co-wrote with fellow musician Andrew Hall bears a strong emotional standpoint, and you can hear how she shines on the single in her own unique ways. The strength of the tune lies in those personally identifiable lyrics that reflect Dixie’s own heartbreaking experience with someone who was pretending to be someone they were not while with her, and as time went by, his true colors started to show and the relationship hit a dead end.

You can feel the raw emotions in her voice; the way she just sings like a canary and from her heart and soul is reason enough to make you fall in love with this masterpiece as you develop your own deep connection with the lyrics.

The enticing piano melodies work well with this kind of delivery and really help to give Dixie Ziemba’s raw vocals emphasis so that the lyrics are illuminated brightly.

“Broken Glass” is a radio staple from start to finish and a tune that makes anyone’s playlist better. To listen to this genuinely brand-new song, follow the attached link and take the necessary steps!


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