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Fast-Rising Singer-Songwriter Dezvelkito Implores With an Empathetic Caribbean Beauty, “U Make Me Wanna Cry”

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Dezvelkito U Make Me Wanna Cry

Offering another insightful glimpse of heartbreak melancholy is Dezvelkito with a tumultuous visceral lover’s rock “U Make Me Wanna Cry”.  This spectacular reggae rhythm is an impassioned blood-letting full of frankness and vulnerability that any heartbroken adolescent of this current generation can gravitate toward. It is a groundbreaking musical approach that provides a sense of familiarity with it expressive melodic, reggae-inspired beats and this particular song harbors upbeat melodic flows to complement its melancholic subject about love or at least what used to be love. Drawing from the rich and deep shafts of Caribbean groove and reggae rhythm,  Dezvelkito delivers both a nostalgically familiar and sensationally original lovers rock entertaining and moving track backed by the immersive instrumental soundscape with the rhythmically cascading and blistering guitars and poignant reggae bass percussive instruments. The way he combines the complex instrumentations with the emotionally devastating heart-wrenching vocal inflections to drive home the sad and hurtful lyrical imagery of “U Make Me Wanna Cry” will ensure that a listener is heavily invested from the first bar to the last one, grabbing your attention in skillful style.

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His thoughtfully assembled lyrics about heartbreak and not understanding what went wrong having been left by a lover when there were no signs of quarrel or dissatisfaction are stylistically delivered in a powerful lead vocal expression to guide home this bleak world and empty heart that has all of a sudden been created.  Fans of heartbreaking ballads will be able to immerse themselves fully in this all-encompassing space that Dezvelkito has built in the track with the melody’s personal, heartfelt and heavy lyrics resonating among discerning listeners who have had the not-so-glamorous experience of dealing with heartbreak firsthand. This is their song to find solace in as they sing their heartbroken souls out word by word and even dance along with the wild flair to its danceable tunes.

“I would do just about anything, just to please you girl, just to be with you my love…” are some of the vocal lines delivered with authenticity and artistic passion amidst the atmospheric and ceaseless harmonic reggae instrumentation which feel ethereal and supportive as each passing line connects listeners fully to the track. This is an empathetic intimate groove that has encapsulated the heartbreak experienced in deeply personal lyrics and emotional, genuine heart-wrenching vocals. Dezvelkito has over 10,000 monthly Spotify listeners and viewers are highly advised to try out his exponential discography and experience insightful dominance and music that has been raised to global eminence.

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