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San Diego-Based Singer Devorah Continues Making Her Mark With Yet Another Emotional and Infectious Masterpiece Titled, “Not the Same.”

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Devorah Not the Same

Expressing her new generational sound through her faultlessly powerful vocals, purposeful lyrics, and entrancing melodies, the work of one phenomenally talented and consistently working female singer, Devorah, is culminating as a catalyst towards revolutionary progression. One who is not short of creativity and ingenuity to back it up, she knows her abilities in and out and which translates into her musical potential. Her songwriting forte is above par; Devorah is able to create musical content originally from scratch, following the direction of her creativity and ideas, and innovating information that will move even the most fierce music pundits!

On her mission to create tools that will go on to better the world’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being, Devorah is back with another ear staple dubbed, “Not the same”. And what is not the same, one might ask! Well, that is where the gist of this powerful anthem resides.

Putting her heart and soul into this performance, Devorah goes on to give a complete performance that is incomparable. Her vocals are so beautiful, raw, and soulfully powerful, and they certainly fit with her style of delivery in this tune.

Delivered from a heartbroken woman’s point of view who despite falling out of love is still reeling from the reality that their lover already had someone else while they were still together, “Not the Same” echoes a familiar situation we have more often than not found ourselves in at one point in our relationships (I think sometimes it just comes with the package!)

The production and mix are of high quality and exude a pop and R&B vibe that is really addictive, and when you add that dose of memorable hooks and lines, then you might need rehab because you will be hooked forever.

This is certainly what building a brand looks like, and I have no doubt that with time, Devorah will be a cultural force to be reckoned with—she is slowly getting there, one song at a time!

To listen to “Not the Same,”  follow the attached link, and while at it, listen to the other music from her vast discography. Don’t forget to tell someone about her, just like I did!



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