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Baton Rouge, Louisiana Native D-Lain Delivers a Lyrical Masterclass in His Latest “Zoned Out” EP.

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After the viral success of the single “Zone Out”, D-Lain felt in his most creative state of mind and decided to fuel that fire with another heavy and hearty dose of adventurous underground rap masterclass; “Zoned Out” is what came off it. This 6-track collection features some of D-Lain’s most dynamic and ambitious tracks yet includes several riveting collaborations with daring lyricists such as Tajh Spikes in “Riverfront”, T-Weeezy M.G.M. in “Energize” and Flood in the track, “Waz Hatnin”.

Taking lead from his own technical mastery of underground rap, D-Lain goes on to layer in much more dynamic and nostalgic sounds and themes for a more sonically complex musical journey. With this astonishing body of work, D-Lain once again demonstrates his limitless versatility and creativity not only as a musician but also as an avid storyteller.

The track “Riverfront” really is addicting, with a special delivery from two of the best lyricists that rap music has to offer. The thoughtfully hit drumline at the intro is earworming, as is the flawlessly smooth lyrical performance that flanks it. This is wordplay at its finest, and I appreciate how, through his own vocal delivery, D-Lain is able to bring out the emotional nuances that make this one deeply relatable to its listener.

“Dividend Drops” is another hypnotic headliner hitter that sees D-Lain armed to the teeth with a fully charged arsenal of thought-provoking rhymes and flows over sick beats that feel nostalgic and relevant. The catchy hooks in between really help inject the track with that bit of pizzazz and elegance needed to demand repeat listening experiences.

“Waz Hatnin” sees D-Lain and his guest performer Flood unleash their 3rd eye over the beats to unleash some complicated rhyme patterns delivered with masterful flows and wise perspectives far beyond their years.

“Bartender” is simply a proper chill and cruise anthem that will remain ingrained in your head even when you are not listening to it. This is the best pick-me-up banger in the middle of the day, in the morning, or at night when you are in need of something to boost your spirits.

With this release, D-Lain continues cementing himself as one of today’s most lyrically prolific rap artists, with his songwriting reflecting his radical authenticity! He has always been a strong advocate of using the power of his music to uplift and inspire others to elevated levels of consciousness, and that is not bound to change any time soon!

To enjoy this EP in its entirety; follow the attached link below and find out which tracks from the collection tickle your fancy! Also, follow D-Lain everywhere because this is just the beginning for him; he is warming up to the release of his new single, “Louisiana Living,” which is in its capstone stage!



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