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Bahrain-Based Artist Cytonic Rhymes Delivers a Memorable Performance in His Arresting Single, “Memories.”

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A fast-rising professional musicianship who is taking the music world by storm, Cytonic Rhymes is the new Sherriff in town making things happen and in ways you didn’t imagine possible. With the experience and inspiration to carry forward the culture, rhythms, and stories from a dynamic point of view, he delves deep into the creative process, blending excellent musicianship with entertaining performances in order to bring his vision forward. What you get from his grand catalog is upbeat music with catchy lyrics that make people of all ages want to sing along.

Cytonic Rhymes draws his repertoire from nearly a century of music history, staying true to the foundations of classic music while also looking ahead to the future of the sound. He is in a way like the bridge between the past, present and future and it is thus no fluke that his music is receiving deserved acclaim from a wide fan base that keeps on expanding each and every day.

“Memories” features a captivating high-energy performance that immediately transports the audience to blissful places where they get to reminisce in the memories they shared with their friends and loved ones. Blending musicianship, creativity, and tradition, this tune is a bottomless barrel of musical ear candy!

It is really incredible how a nice hook and a great beat can make a really great song, and that is the case with “Memories.” It’s one of those songs you didn’t’ know you needed, but once you get hold of it, you absolutely savor every second of it. Through its infectious hooks and invigorating beats, you are reminded that you only get a shot at being youthful once, and time really does wait for no man—so when you get the chance to share time, memories, and moments with friends and loved ones, make the most of it!

The accompanying music video is an eye-catcher that features some beautifully blended, lively scenes that underscore this track’s theme impeccably and already has more than 12K views in a short period of time.

To watch this stunning video and enjoy this catchy masterpiece; follow the attached link and don’t forget to subscribe to Cytonic Rhymes’ YouTube channel and share his music with family, friends, and even strangers!





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