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“Curse of the Burrito” by Filo Beddo

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Jayson Prevost and Bryan Hull, who first crossed paths in high school, quickly bonded over their mutual love for music, sparking a friendship that would endure. From their roots in Connecticut, this duo ventured into the uncharted territories of sound. By the end of 2022, they were deep into the experimental music scene, crafting their distinctive auditory style with the help of Apple’s Logic Pro software. Their initial release, “Chillin’ with some fiddies,” encapsulates their musical bond, while their introductory single, “Roll-A-Rama,” provides a peek into their creative narratives. Their latest track, “Curse of the Burrito,” presents a light-hearted story involving a chick, her truck, and a chaotic burrito incident with the police, showcasing their quirky storytelling style.

Step into the eclectic soundscape of Filo Beddo, where elements of Beastie Boys and 70’s Funk/Soul blend into an exhilarating mix. Their dynamic rhythms and engaging stories highlight their inventive spirit. Embark on this musical journey, filled with laughter and enchantment. “Curse of the Burrito” isn’t merely a song—it’s an invitation to join in the exuberant vibe of Filo Beddo. Let their tunes sweep you into a world of musical delight and join this lively escapade. Explore the vibrant universe of Filo Beddo today; an adventure awaits that you surely wouldn’t want to miss.

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