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Cleveland Ohio’s iconic songstress Conya Doss’ new jam, “4everlasting” featuring B. Golden captivates beyond just the five senses!

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From a young age, Conya Doss recognized the profound power of music. Whether singing along to her favorite Stevie Wonder songs on the radio or harmonizing with Angela’s soulful melodies while driving as a teenager, her passion for the stage was undeniable. As early as five years of age, she had already discovered her true calling as a singer. And as she grew older, performing as a duo with Lyrik; immersed in the collaborative creative process, she witnessed firsthand the beauty that emerges when talented individuals come together to create something extraordinary- a creation that transcends time itself. Her solo artistry now spans over two decades and she’s still strong and marvelously gifted…always coming harder with tracks that ooze charisma, critically deserved acclaim, and raw talent.

Conya’s hopeful, sensual, and aromatic voice is a product of the blues’ profound emotional turmoil. She possesses an intrinsic conservatism in her mind that once broken down, reveals a storehouse of perseverance that she gives to the world through her music!

With her latest jam, “4everlasting” featuring another phenomenal vocalist B. Golden, Conya introduces a refreshing blend of nostalgic and contemporary flair, captivating audiences with a sound that pays homage to the golden era of R&B and soul.

This track showcases Conya’s exceptional talent as a vocalist and songwriter with lyrics that perfectly capture deep feelings of love. The catchy chorus; “Can we build 4evelasting (everlasting), Can we build 4everlasting love” delivered inquisitively conveys the song’s essence of someone who is deeply in love and wants to build something enduring.

The infectious, upbeat instrumentation makes it incredibly danceable and it’s fantastic nostalgic undertones let you escape into a while which is amazing because songs that let you step out of your reality and into another are something you don’t come across that often so when you do get a track like this you really soak it in.

Conya’s lead vocals are indescribably beautiful and B. Golden’s backing harmonies are exactly what this track needed…this was a match made in paradise; no wonder it feels so heavenly!

Released under Conya’s independent label, “Sonya Doss Songs, Inc”, “4everlasting” is available for streaming and download on all the major digital platforms worldwide!



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