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“Come With Me” BY Jake McVay

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Heartfelt lyrics, soulful vocal harmonies, catchy and infectious instrumental melodies all make up Jake McVay’s new single, “Come With Me” that features inspiring lyrics to encourage a listener to move forward no matter what life throws at them. Impeccable guitar playing, equally splendid drum virtuosity and other signature country-folk and rock percussion provide the perfect bed of support for Jake’s emotional vocal performance.
That unforgettable chorus that is the capstone of this masterpiece will haunt you outside of the song. This is such a golden track that showcases Jake’s accomplished songwriting as he well as his vocal prowess. From the first listen, there is just a way the music here makes you feel the raw emotions encapsulated and you somehow feel one and the same with the music as the lyrics reverberate with such depth and profundity.

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