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A Holy Mount Zion for Us, Chief Welton Is Here to Help Us Climb Eternity With His New Single and Music Video “On God “

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Chief Welton On God

A mission essential for leadership excellence and exponential productivity, holding the candle under the spiritual face, and creating a near-mystic effect is Chief Welton with his latest healing power in the tune, ‘On God”. In the face of trials and tribulations, we may find ourselves questioning God’s infinite wisdom; eventually, he always comes through and it is worth every penny to patiently wait for him to do what he always does without fail. Giving up in despair should not be treated as an option nor should seeking for alternative disruptions. It has been made more unique by the heavy-bass trap sensation that complements Chris Welton’s caliber performance as he delves into a joyous artistic harmony with the Hip hop power, blending the immaculate swinging track with an irresistible message of hope. This is a certified banger that will help restore the body, refresh the soul, and all one must do is listen or better yet sing along to its memorable bars.

The intriguing vocal coordination of Chief Welton is the spiritual glue that bonds this track with a driving sense of faith. The insightful wordplay amidst the exploding instrumentation is one of the most alluring outpourings a listener is treated to and which presumes the lyrical theme of the song. The powerful message conjures up to every imaginable variation as the track blossoms into a repertoire of resounding melody that is simply heavenly.

The commanding vocality of Chief Welton as his powerful rap vocals imbue the track with fashionable sense creating a grand effect with the robust sound that is strong and surprising is a thing of unstained beauty. His quick technical accuracy blends well with the wild instrumentation that is expressive and the range and capability of his rapping ability incredible and attention capturing. This track’s inspiration is truly in its potential and how empowering it is for the listener. We must have the audacity and the faith to believe in possibility; otherwise, we predetermine our fate with doubt, which is ludicrous because no one knows what the future holds. The lessons from the track are universal, positive, and profoundly applicable to life. This is an evocative melody whose video was produced by film director and creative artist, Micah Trostle of Trostle films to help raise consciousness and assist in healing the world. This song offers Christian rap’s traditional reassurances and will appeal right across the faiths. Make sure to stream it and save it on your playlist and it wouldn’t hurt to share it on your social media platforms as well to bless and brighten up a friend or co-worker’s day.

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