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Top Emerging Lyrist Boy Destiny Has a Great, “Message” for You!

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Boy Destiny Message

Behold, for there is a new lyrical sheriff in town, arresting everyone he finds with the depth of his lyricism and sheer level of musicality that he possesses; Boy Destiny is the emerging star- a 17-year-old multi-talented singer, rapper and dancer who is coming to astonish the music world and once he is done with you’ll, you will always remember his name. He wants to build a lasting career and leave a legacy for which he will be remembered. He is also focused on spreading the good vibes and impacting his listeners in the most positive ways as he brings inspirational lyrics backed by refreshing harmonies for a very delightful listening experience- so here you get to breathe in the delight of the emotionally relatable messages, dance to the beats and bask in the entrancing melodies!

He has a very engrossing and deeply resonant track dubbed, “Message” and from the lyrical wisdom displayed here, it is only appropriate that his stage name is Boy Destiny- there is a great destiny lurking from within him that he taps into to deliver such an unforgettable performance as this. The message he is trying to underscore here is that the primary purpose of life is growth- to be continuously pushing yourself to materialize more of your potential and ignoring the naysayers along the way who want to drag you down to their levels!

Making his mark over the hip hop-like embellished beats, he delivers a stunning lyrical performance- going all the way like the G.O.A.T he is and faultlessly delivering a lyrical performance that you will never forget. His Caribbean-tinted lyricism affords this tune a dancehall vibe to it that is also enthralling to hear.

“Message” is an easily likable track and one that I actually wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone. The music video was in collaboration with the NFT project and it is a simple affair that showcases Boy Destiny doing what he knows best- spitting facts!

To listen to this moving and inspiring tune; follow the attached link, like the video and leave a comment below about how you feel about Boy Destiny and the track- bless!



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