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Upstate, NY Rapper and Musician Blight Mind Is About to Unleash the Full Wrath of His Musical Potential Going Forward!

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The music Blight Mind makes is relatable because, in most cases, it reflects his own life and thoughts and is delivered in a way that any listener can identify with even if the situation is completely foreign to them. His ability to live out a song and put the listener in the shoes of someone else, transporting them to different places and making them look through a different lens, is the very definition of talent, and in our case; trademark talent!

And it’s not like Blight Mind makes his life fit his music…no, no, no, he found music that fits his life. He wants his listeners to feel and connect with the emotions in his music. He always felt like he was by himself until he started making music, and now it’s like his audiences feel what he feels through his music…when they share in his struggles, they struggle together!

Blight Mind is never above his audience, he’s always with them. That authenticity is why his ever-expanding catalog of listeners loves him, and their loyalty is why he loves them right back. As a gift to his loyal fans and his upcoming ones, he is about to raise the bar a little bit higher with his next projects that he cannot wait to share with the world.

Having taken some time to sharpen his skills, Blight Mind is now focused on making music that will offer deeply personal and fulfilling experiences, allowing him to connect with people dealing with the same feelings in meaningful ways.

There has been a growing feeling that conscious rap is not existent anymore; Blight Mind wants to create his own lane and inspire artists to create music that they are passionate about without conceding to any trend.

2023 has already seen him drop, “Close to Lose”- an angst-fueled and raw emotional performance that is the best therapy when you are feeling somewhat disappointed or angry at something…his refined lyrical delivery offers the perfect solace, as it has been distilled for the rare occasions of seemingly incurable sadness!

His next projects will ultimately define the direction he wants to take as both a budding rapper and performer.

Don’t get left behind; follow Blight Mind on all his platforms to partake in this musical revolution!


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