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International Hip-Hop Record Producer Big O’s “In the Company of Others” Embodies the Essence of Rap Music.

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Isn’t it fascinating to consider the lengths to which musicians go in pursuit of artistic excellence? Because I’m just listening to Big O’s album, “In the Company of Others” and the artistry unleashed here is nothing short of great. Several standout hip-hop and rap projects have emerged this year, and I feel that “In the Company of Others” deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as some of the best albums we’ve gotten so far, and I am glad that it is actually receiving the attention it deserves. This project has fought for itself and survived multiple deliberate sabotage attempts, and its presence and perfection reflect destiny’s powerful force—it was simply meant to be!

There is a lot for a rap music aficionado to enjoy from this album, which packs 16 epic tracks featuring a slew of first-class emcees such as Tranzformer, Fashawn, 3D, G-HOLY, Maine Soul, Ohzhe, MC² and many more for one complete body of work that exceeds even the highest expectations.

It’s not that we don’t already know what Big O can do; as a matter of fact, he has already proven his production dexterity, his ear for crafting hits and his commercial sensibility on countless occasions, but that does not in any way dilute the incredibly outstanding level packed here. I mean, this is a next-level project, even for an artist of Big O’s stature!

Rooted in the traditionalism of the hip-hop and rap genre, Big O and the guest rappers and artists tore through this towering collection, reminding the listener of his consistent ear for pristine beats to create an enviable roster of hits that are both timeless and catchy.

A track like “No Regrets” has already become a fan favorite with massive streams amassed already, and it is easy to see why; this is a raw masterpiece in grand scope and really embodies this album’s showmanship. Featuring Tranzformer, Fashawn, and 3D, this track is an ode to living life without regrets, a theme cemented via the catchy repeated hook over that hypnotic production distinct from anything I’ve recently heard.

The production in “Win or Lose” is also out-of-this-world, as Big O sets the stage for guest artist G-HOLY, and he does not disappoint with his creatively referential approach to hip-hop.

“Generational Curses” is a celebration of black excellence delivered with a tone of defiance and resilience. This is a self-empowering anthem and a reminder of the inherent power that lurks in all of us and how, together, we can do much more. The beat is laid-back, powerful, and old-school, wrapping around the smart flows like a warm embrace.

With “Vantage Point of View”, all the hard-working and selfless mothers who sacrificed so much to give their kids a better life are honored and given their flowers. The high-quality bars blend with the nostalgic beats like perfection, as Big O affords these emcees the freedom and power to do their thing.

It’s almost crazy how every track here feels like the perfect one for that featured artist…I don’t know how he does it, but Big O might actually be a genius and someone who deserves his flowers for creating soundtracks to our lives.

This album reflects real life, capturing the wins, losses, street dynamics, motivation, black culture, family, and societal intricacies—both good and bad.

To catch the vibes here, make sure you follow the link below and enjoy these slightly over 58 minutes of one of the best hip-hop experiences you’ll ever get.


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