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“Bed Bug Love” by Danny Alias

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An American house music pioneer, Danny Alias, returns to the forefront with an electrifying musical offering that transcends genres and timelines. With a storied legacy dating back to the 1980s, Alias co-founded Persona Records, leaving an indelible mark on Chicago house music with the iconic single “Civil Defense.” Now, in his latest release, “Bed Bug Love,” Alias proves that his creative flame continues to burn brightly. This captivating track, part of the ‘Beat The Poet’ EP, explores the allegorical realm of love plagues, drawing poignant parallels between historical pandemics and our contemporary struggles. Having weathered the storm of both the AIDS and Covid epidemics, Alias infuses his music with a modern twist, delivering a compelling narrative that resonates deeply with the challenges of the LGBTQ community.

Embark on this musical journey with Danny Alias; scratch the surface of his innovative sound and let “Bed Bug Love” weave its spell. The Bionik Remix, featuring dancer Jack Quint and skillfully directed by Russell J. Dreher, adds visual allure to the already mesmerizing composition. As you listen, feel the beats pulse through you, transporting you to a realm where emotions dance freely. “Bed Bug Love” is a testament to Alias’s enduring musical prowess. Join the movement and immerse yourself in the beats and poetry that define a generation. Don’t miss out – let the rhythm of Danny Alias become the soundtrack to your own unique story. Seize the moment and experience the magic; your musical odyssey awaits.

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