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Accomplished Singer-Songwriter Barcenilla Delivers a Heartfelt and Emotion-Filled Beautifully Sad Tune Dubbed, “Forget You”

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Barcenilla Forget You

Barcenilla has always been fascinated by the art of making music and this diverse recording artist’s style of music dissolves genre borders and crosses cultures mostly influenced by both his American and Filipino/Spanish roots. Currently based in Phoenix, Arizona Barcenilla is on a mission to connect with the world, leveraging on his own experiences through love, heartbreak, joy, and other experiences to design melodies with commercial appeal. From what I have listened to so far from him, I am not wrong when I state that his future in the music industry is foreseeably great!

He has a new tune titled, “Forget You”- a beauteously emotional tune that holds a very sad theme around heartbreak and reminiscing about past memories. Even though melancholic, the impressive acoustic vibe around the melodies backed by that breathtaking vocal performance is pretty magical and outrightly blissful!

Barcenilla has vocals for days and the way they somehow bounce off of the laid-back acoustic groove that allows them to flourish is why you’ll play this track an awful lot of times- savoring in every tiny detail as the track somehow grows on you with each successive listen.

The way he delivers that chorus is something to behold as he exercises admirable vocal control and registers the high notes so effortlessly like he was born singing! This is an awe-inspiring tuneful tune and the way the lyrics bring with them a relatable topic around heartbreak will of course be appreciated by so many- when he sings it’s like he is singing to your heart!

The official music video is out and I appreciated such virtuosic innovation around the whole water scene that showcases Barcenilla in a drowning state while still trying to hold on. This scene is very significant and highlights the theme around the whole song- that it is not worth holding on to a failed relationship for you’ll end up just drowning every day till one day your whole head will be fully submerged in deep unforgiving water!

This is one of the most emotionally honest tunes I’ve listened to in a while and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone for that matter.

Follow the attached link so as to watch this top-notch visual complementary- subscribe to Barcenilla’s YouTube channel and add a comment below on your feelings regarding the tune.


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