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Emerging Hip-Hop Artist and Performer Banna’s Latest Track “Locked in Freestyle” Is a Lyrical Dive Into the Scope of Nostalgic Hip-Hop and Rap.

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Banna is an up-and-coming rap star with an affinity for storytelling and hip hop understanding that makes him a force to be reckoned with in his field. As someone who is inspired by the greats, he has never forgotten the music he grew up with, and as a recording artist himself, he is doing everything in his power to ensure that the purity and originality of rap music are not lost, which makes him a person of interest in the development of hip-hop.

He’s got that star glow in him, flanked by an unequalled and commanding stage presence that immediately announces itself even before he opens his mouth. After turning heads with the bangers “Nothing 2 Lose” and “Lost in You”, Banna ain’t let the momentum and hype fade; he is back with another thought-spinning performance dubbed “LOCKED IN Freestyle”

Tell you what, the scope of hip hop has found a new creative harbinger with Banna’s exquisite performance as he transports the listener into a world of his creation with his visual metaphors and innate competency to vividly paint pictures with his words.

And let’s talk about those beats—the perfect accompaniment and have that Cali influence smeared all over as they lay the ice for Banna to skate on. And Banna never puts one foot wrong; he is smooth and effortlessly rides over the laid-back melodies like a professional skydiver!

This is the kind of song that takes you back to a memory, a time in your life, a moment that comes in the form of a lucid dream, or just feels like déjà vu- like you have experienced this before, and that is what makes it so special.

I could go on and on, but I will stop for now to let everything sink in.

After you are done listening to this certified masterpiece, you will understand why you can’t use Google Maps to find Banna’s location…he is a mystery who knows to cover his tracks well!

“LOCKED IN Freestyle” is streaming on all digital platforms. Follow the attached link to enjoy this performance and add the track to your playlist.

For the latest developments on Banna’s artistry, follow him on Instagram.



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