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Top-Tier Lyricist Ashton Martin Is Choosing to Fight for His Dreams in His Yet-To-Be-Released Project “NSD”

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Ashton Martin’s music has always drawn from a diverse base that spans generations as he sets the smooth moonlight essence through conscious and poetic lyricism. Martin creates art the way few can and thus defines his own impeccable artistry; when you absorb his music, you just know that it has been polished to a fine degree and equipped with the message to make the listening experience surreal and take it to a whole new level altogether. Martin’s lyrical prowess is undeniable, and he just has a way that he is able to spin words into intricate, relatable webs of meaning that is second to none.

And while the greats such as Lil Wayne, Tupac, Andre 3000, and others undoubtedly inspire his style and lyrics, he also takes his cues from everyday life, from everything and everyone that surrounds him to fashion impactful hip-hop music that strikes the perfect balance between substance and musical appeal.

It has not been a walk in the park for him as just recently, he was confronted with some impossible odds that almost made him entertain the idea of quitting music altogether, but we are glad the dream won, and that is why he is unleashing a 6-piece inspirational record that he made during these uncertain times and one that highlights his strong desire and relentlessness to fight for his dreams!

Ashton Martin is tired of people telling him what he can or cannot do; he has snapped back into reality and challenges everyone listening to do so in this progressive EP that has been delivered from his heart and hopefully finds its way to the soul of its listener. “NSD” is just a heart-to-heart conversation from Martin to the listener!

“NSD” is one of those records that are heard less and more experienced. The rhymes are raw and impassioned, and he does not hold back on his messages; it’s either you take it or leave it; if I were you, I’d take it and run with it to fruition!

His bars are dropped with such raw emotion behind them that a listener could at least begin to grasp the gravity of the inspirational thoughts and motivational meanings behind each verse throughout this EP. Also, Martin’s ability to relate stories is evident in every track that makes up this EP.

“NSD” is expected to grace various digital platforms soon enough; to stay in the loop, follow Ashton Martin everywhere and don’t let him slip off your radar because things are about to change for the better!



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