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Chicago-Based Teen Female Artist ANONYMOUS17’s Latest Project, “HAND HELD WITH ROUGH EDGES”, Is an Incredible Accomplishment That Highlights the Artist’s Inimitable Talents.

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Packed with raw energy, infectious melodies, and captivating storytelling, Anonymous17’s new 6-track project, “HAND HELD WITH ROUGH EDGES” sets the stage for an exciting chapter in eclectic pop music. This isn’t your ordinary pop music; it’s a hyper, ambient, synthetic blend, with disco and various other influences, all birthed from a hand-held mic. These performances are as close to magic as it gets.

Anonymous17 embraces the element of surprise; ensuring listeners never know what awaits them at the end of each track. Creating such a unique, accessible, and captivating sound that appeals to wide audiences, this new project really is a testament to the power of musical connection and the ability of art to transcend boundaries.

The opening song, “Love Light Peace Harmony” is guaranteed to enthrall a listener, leaving them clamoring for more and wishing the track had no end. The voice-over by Sofia Hall is wonderful and ideal for this track, which features an inspirational tone and positive message. Anonymous17 transports us with her music; this song takes the listener to a cinematic, hyper-pop-ambient, and dreamy world that only Anonymous17 can create.

This song is heavy on musical storytelling and ethereal musical beds that will not only fill your ears, but the rich music and vocal lines will fill your soul with an absolutely easily digestible musical world that you wouldn’t wish to leave any time soon.

“Love Work Dance” is an emotive and uplifting song with retro dance vibes. The melody is catchy and upbeat, with a memorable chorus that’s likely to have listeners singing along. The production is polished and nostalgic, with a blend of electronic instruments that create a dynamic and engaging sound.

“Help” is a classic inspired soundtrack featuring abstract atmospheres. The track features mellifluent guitar, organic synthetic sounds, and Anonymous17’s beautifully haunting vocals as she manages to transport the listener to another dimension. The haunting ambiance of this song is intriguing and appealing, drawing the listener in. Anonymous17’s theatrical skills and cadence shine through this outstanding piece of music.

“HAND HELD WITH ROUGH EDGES” really is a great contribution to the eclectic pop genre and is worth checking out for aficionados of hyper and ambient pop music. It also demonstrates why Anonymous17 should be kept on the radar.

To fully experience the power of this avant-garde music, follow the attached link and share your thoughts on Anonymous17’s musicianship.



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