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Australia Based Hip Hop Artist Ankur Is Back With an Enthralling and Motivating New Anthem, “Roots” Featuring Singer Bronte Kolbe

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Ankur Roots

Ankur is originally from Sydney but is based in Australia. This hip hop star has found a diverse way of blending his hip hop sound with a variety of other spellbinding styles such as pop and rock and the result has been simply magnificent. Ankur has always aimed to connect with his fans through his insatiable passion for music- fusing powerful lyricism, strong melodies, and catchy beats. He also showcases his vulnerable side so as to create a deep connection with his listeners that transcends the normal artist-fan relationship. His style has been massively appreciated and after a long break from music, he is back and makes a grand entrance with a new gratifying single, “Roots” in which he featured remarkably talented singer Bronte Kolbe.

From just one listen, I knew “Roots” would be a straight favorite (I’ve listened to it more than 10 times already!). It is very haunting with the memorable hooks, warm instrumentation and educative bars giving it that masterpiece quality that is genuinely easily likable to any listener.

I feel it was such an ingenious idea to feature Bronte Kolbe with her harmonious and crisp clean vocals giving this track an ethereal quality that is indescribably beautiful. Ankur is at his best with his clever bars as he depicts unmatched poetic wisdom to rely on a very emotionally relatable topic with his faultless delivery that displays experience coupled with admirable maturity.

That fusion of the pop-rock instrumentation with the raw singing and hip-hop lyrical play is just “Roots” in a nutshell. There is that undeniable aura of catchiness to this tune- the one that keeps playing over and over in your head. And beyond all this hypnotic glamour is a very motivational message; with the world burdening each of us, sometimes the pressure to be better in certain facets of our lives gets the better of us, and we may even find ourselves in undue competition with our peers but Ankur is here to remind you to give yourself a break, it is never that serious and if it gets unbearable just “take it to the roots.”

Remember most of humankind’s troubles have stemmed from man’s inability to sit quietly in noiseless contemplation so I guess you should try that for a change. Deeply moving, anthemic, and performed with commendable passion; “Roots” has to be your favorite anthem this year and beyond.

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