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“Unholy” Remix by Germany-based DJ and Producer Alex Pa Sets the Bar High for EDM Bangers

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When you press play and the glorious driving beats start kicking in, you get a mixed emotional, sexual, and ecstatic feeling that turns you on, and you want to explode! This is the mighty work of a young prodigious producer and DJ based out of Nuremberg, Germany, who just made one of the best covers to a track that I have ever listened to in his EDM-flavored version of Sam Smith’s “Unholy” — those beats are out of this world, and the female vocals are something else!

While I don’t normally like covers that much, there is just something about this particular version that had me head over heels for it. It is grand, luxurious, and really authentic, and I love how it does not stray away from the original’s melodic line so that you get a warmly familiar listening experience that is overflowing with stimulatingly contagious energy.

Grand in scope and undeniably flawless in execution, this “Unholy” version is not only a creative revelation for Alex but something of a personal revelation for someone who is set to conquer the world with his innate musical mastery.

This version is dazzling, sumptuous, sophisticated, and edgy; simply put, this is sound design at its finest to engineer something of such high quality and in a manner that any listener can be able to identify with.

What this “Unholy” version proves is that Alex Pa is a producer par excellence and a specialist in his craft—a master of his own craft, if you will—and someone who is more than capable of pushing the genre standards and limits to achieve musical excellence.

Since joining the EDM scene, Alex has continued to solidify himself as a gifted artist, producer, and DJ, coming through with unique and rare sounds that grip listeners with their beautiful melodies and sometimes clever lyricism.

To get a taste of this tantalizing cover; follow the attached link and relish such a stunning musical invention!



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