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Virtuosic Producer and Artist Adrian Jauregui Is Set to Officially Drop His New Single “Your Love” on All the Major Streaming Platforms on the 15th of April

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Adrian Jauregui is like the wizard of music versatility who dares to bring a unique quality sound of his own that blends some flavorsome genres in different musical backgrounds to come up with a richly qualified, mouth-watering, and appetizing sound that listeners cannot get enough of! He is an emerging singer-songwriter and producer who was born in Pico Rivera California but is now currently staying in Oakland, California. He brings to the game his deep sense of musicality and experience seeing he has been in the operation room for around 15 years now- performing those risky surgeries and succeeding exceptionally to the applause of all the melodic nurses surrounding him and admiring his expertise and precision. He has spread his wings far and wide and you can actually get to hear his sounds via NBC, Netflix Good Girls, and even Disney. Voyage Music Group is his record label from which he releases all of his projects.

Bringing on those immersive emotions and atmospheric sounds, Jauregui is set to drop his new blazing dance anthem “Your Love” this coming Good Friday- the 15th of April! This is the tune to last us a whole year with the magic it carries right from the intro to the outro. The melodic spark sticks like a magnet as the cinematically layered and luxuriously painted pop percussive elements and swings blend together to fashion a sparklingly inviting and shimmering sound that is marvelously heightened by the accompanying female vocals that ride through the instruments- coming up and down like some boat appearing on from a distance!

After making a listener feel welcome and comfortable, Jauregui unleashes a medley of potent abundance with the pop-dance-engineered beats that deep and dive around the bass rhythms forming a shimmering melodic halo that flaunts its splendorous electronica features and the ardent qualities of the entrancing EDM supremacy! It is like an all-in-one type of groove that you simply cannot get enough of.

He has continued to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that he is ready to ascend to superstardom and “Your Love” feels like the last step to the top of the staircase and will demand the world’s attention with its striking sense of melody and sound design. The track is now available for pre-order on your favorite streaming platform!

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