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International songstress 7HO3NIX takes us on an intimate and sexy journey with “Touch Me with Your Words”

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She has overcome more challenges in a single day than many of us face in a lifetime, having been on the brink of surrender numerous times. The fact that she did not is all that matters as she faces life with renewed optimistic energy, her head held high as she rises above the ashes like a phoenix. This is the tale of one billboard charting songstress, 7HO3NIX or Gabrielle Solange if you like. After captivating millions with her authentic approach to songwriting, appearances on television, and various other creative pursuits that catapulted her to fame before some life-altering events changed everything; she is once more determined to claim her place at the very top.

With sky-high ambition and a work ethic to match, 7HO3NIX is consistently progressing with clarity and without compromise. At this moment, she is embracing her poise, passion, and power like never before.

After impressing critics and audiences alike with the emotionally-charged “It Is What It Is”, 7HO3NIX returns with a new romantic anthem, “Touch Me with Your Words.”

For 7HO3NIX, becoming an artist has always been about creating beauty through layered storytelling through the lens of her lived experiences. To some extent, this track is a shining example of that.

With a voice as powerful as it is angelic, 7HO3NIX effortlessly navigates a harmonious blend of rhythm and melody that pays homage to the past while incorporating a modern twist.

“Touch Me with Your Words” is an intimate channeling of emotions along with a charismatic display of 7HO3NIX’s range.

7HO3NIX also enlisted the help of Grammy-nominated Mark Abrams, who elevates this masterpiece to staggering heights altogether.

It feels lovely that 7HO3NIX has found her niche once again and is soaring high in the sky like an eagle. It will just be a matter of time before she reclaims her position at the very top.

“Touch Me with Your Words” is a stunning body of work that demonstrates 7HO3NIX’s willingness to push boundaries and explore sounds and emotions, resulting in an innovative and accessible piece of music that is more than guaranteed to charm you.

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