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Melbourne-Based Rock Musician Tanil Cagdas Brings Melody and Virtuosity to Life in His New Track “Starfighter.”

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Tanil Cagdas is an artist, composer, and phenomenally gifted electric guitar player who creates rhythmic and highly energetic melodies that are full of life and vigor that are pleasant to the ears. His songs give a utopian experience to the listeners, transporting them to the world of emotions, reinventing moments once lived. Although he had taken a hiatus from creating and performing music for some time, the passion and fervent determination with which he has come back to the melodious world of music are splendid. It seems like this era of pause has given maturity to his art and thought. Now, his emotions are expressed in sweeter and more pleasant ways, which directly find their way into the hearts of the people who taste them. Tanil is working tirelessly to cement his place in the ever evolving music landscape.

The track “Starfighter” is brimming with such rhythm, melody, and harmony, backed by such impeccable guitar picking technique, that it gets you hooked from the start from start to finish.

Brimming with melody and bursting with imposing guitar virtuosity, “Starfighter” is a masterclass in electric guitar technique that seamlessly blends a magnificent sense of showmanship and awe-inspiring musicality.

I mean, the riffs are insane and form the melodic backbone of this energetic masterpiece, and it is not just playing for the sake of it; there is that element of composition with the track honoring the basic ingredients of a song in both rhythmic and harmonic arrangement.

Tanil offers up a smorgasbord of astonishing riffs, swept arpeggios, out-of-this-world tapping, and liquid legato lines that both dazzle and astound.

Displaying such technical dexterity with the intriguing and varied electric guitar techniques on display that allow the many melodic elements of the track to be expressed in a multitude of interesting and diverse ways, this progressive masterpiece is born, and, my goodness, isn’t it just perfect!

I’d happily recommend this track to any music fan, especially those who love instrumental rock music…there is something those riffs do that words alone cannot express. that cannot be expressed with words alone.

To sink your teeth into this astounding masterpiece, follow the link below and relish!


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