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Looking Back on What Has Been a Profoundly Fulfilling Year, 2022, Multitalented Musician and Author Sophia Dias Is Looking Forward to a Dazzling 2023!

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Sophia Dias

During the fantastic days of last year, Sophia Dias had been creating the brightest output of her creative pursuits, leveraging the phenomenon of her renewed strength to orchestrate results of genius she’d never experienced before. And reclaiming the sense of inner well-being that she’d lost! A domestic violence survivor, Sophia perhaps affirms the reality that a fascinating and richly colorful life is stamped by many scars. 2022 saw Dias launch her autobiography, “Blinde Preve,” which translates to “Bullet Proof” and it was also the same year that she released her 7-track album “Bullet Proof.” Both of these projects were well-received.

Her autobiography tells the tale of a woman who has been through adversity and managed to come out of the other side stronger—someone who has vowed to conduct the remainder of her days by modeling excellence, resilience, and the utmost of kindness. Through her own story of triumph over tragedy, we are reminded that we should never be abducted by the fear of failure or starting over, no matter the kind of situation we find ourselves in.

During that last year, this multitalented musician, author,  fashion designer, philanthropist, and aspiring chef had been releasing the limiting beliefs that had been forged from her tumultuous childhood and letting go of the toxic emotions from her abusive relationship and this allowed her to protect her talents in a commercial world of such noise, stress and invitation to a relentless interruption!

It was also during these moments of mental toughness, emotional resilience and spiritual fearlessness that she wrote songs that have become soundtracks of many people’s lives; – her 7-track EP “Bullet Proof” received unanimous acclaim with some of the reggae tunes there such as “Ghetto Arms”, “So Unplugged”, “Bullet Proof” and “Stronger than Before” winning over fans and critics alike.

A track like “So Unplugged” embodies the essence of reggae music: inspirational, profoundly touching, with ear-catching harmonies and smooth vocal resonance that distinctly captures your listening senses and displays showmanship far beyond Sophia Dias’ years!

Going forward, Sophia Dias is primed to stamp an indelible imprint on all her creative pursuits, from music and authorship to fashion design and cookery.

Through Sophia Dias, Confucius’ words, “our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” are echoed. A true survivor who is not done yet, she is the change that she wishes to see in the world!




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