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Metryst’s Debut EP is a Socially-Charged and Emotionally-Driven Masterpiece

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Rising solo artist, Metryst has created quite a stir with his debut self-titled EP. Born and raised in South Florida, he currently resides in Fort Collins, CO. His eclectic background is a blend of his Cuban-American heritage and a love for rap and hip hop, which he listened to exclusively until he discovered his passion for playing guitar at the age of 13. He played in a metal band in high school and started learning music production by watching Youtube videos and reading internet forums. Despite having never done vocals for any project before, Metryst wrote and recorded the entire EP himself, as well as mixed it. His emotionally charged lyrics and unorthodox guitar playing have earned him the reputation of being a math rap artist.

The EP opens with, “I Hope You’re Listening…,” a powerful track that sets the tone for the rest of the project. Metryst’s lyrical prowess is on full display as he addresses the societal issues that plague us all. The instrumental is subtle yet impactful, allowing Metryst’s lyrics to take center stage. Second track “Exposé” is a standout, with its heavy guitar riffs and hard-hitting lyrics. Metryst’s flow is impressive, reminiscent of Eminem’s style, as he delivers his socially charged lyrics with precision and intensity. The track’s production is tight, with the guitar and drums driving the energy forward.

“Gone” is a haunting track that deals with loss and the pain that comes with it. The instrumental is minimalistic, allowing Metryst’s lyrics to shine through. The chorus is particularly poignant, with Metryst singing, “now the thought echos on, suddenly now you’re gone.” The fourth track, “Just Saying” is an inspiring call to action promoting empathy and compassion towards others. The lyrics encourage listeners to make positive changes in their behavior and emphasize the power of individual action to create a better world. The song’s catchiness is reinforced by its use of repetition and rhyming.

The EP closes with “Now Is The Time,” containing a spoken word element; it serves as a powerful commentary on current global issues, calling for collective action against discrimination and oppression. The song touches on themes of social justice and inequality, acknowledging humanity’s dark past while expressing hope for a brighter future. The lyrics employ alliteration and wordplay, adding to the song’s impact and reinforcing its message of hope and change.


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