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Italy-Based DJ and Producer MARCO NOFRINI’s “Mama Say” Is a Classical House Masterpiece!

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MARCO NOFRINI got into the DJ world back in 1994 but did not start producing music until later, in the early 2000s. He was doing it for fun back then, but he decided he wanted to stamp an indelible imprint with his production virtuosity…with a career spanning decades, he is now raring to go and make his musical impact be felt globally as one of the most gifted house music producers across Europe.

MARCO has always been driven by the idea that music has the power to transcend borders and cultural differences, and he wants his electronic-inspired dance music and art to fall together and become one. He wants his listeners to embrace the moment on the dance floor and feel the passion emanating from his powerful tracks.

“Mama Say” is the kind of classical tech house masterpiece that transports a listener to the seventh heaven from the get-go and refuses to let go until the track is gone. MARCO really taps into the golden era of electronic music but then delivers it with that contemporary, present-day twist, and that is what makes this tune so refreshing.

With that near-flawless execution, the deep-driving rhythms and grooves, and fast-paced beats exude those kinds of summer vibes. There is also that catchy melodic line peppered throughout this record that makes it particularly hard for you to forget this tune—it is guaranteed to take a hostage in your brain for the rest of the day, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

The vocals are ethereal and somewhat subtly dreamy at times, and they breathe life into this tune whilst also adding that sonic variety and warmth. By all standards, “Mama Say” is a transcending classical house masterpiece that gets you off your seat in any setting as you dance like no one is watching!

This track is capable of boosting the vibe in absolutely any setting, and it is little wonder why it already has amassed over 19K Spotify streams…you deserve this kind of music in your playlist to get you forgetting about the worries of the world—even if for just those precious 6 minutes.

To do exactly that, follow the attached link and enjoy this authentic classical techno masterpiece!



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