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Bay Area, California-Based Music Mogul Kora Is Asking All the Right Questions in Her “21 Questions” Banger!

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Kora has been making music that is on another level because she is simply on one; based out of the Bay Area, California, her sound is unmistakable. A distinct fusion of hip-hop and pop was complemented by a catchy blend of eccentric and intense lyricism. Her deep, thoughtful lyrics often explore the true diameters of life. Kora has built a devoted following among eclectic hip-hop and pop fans for her idiosyncratic sound and authenticity. Her music is unique and captivating; it draws on her own life experiences and those of others to resonate deeply. She has been breaking down barriers between genres and inspiring a generation while at it!

At its core, “21 Questions” has an inquisitive message that everyone can relate to in different walks of life. Kora seamlessly blends hip hop and pop with her quintessential singing and rapping over futuristic dance-ready and summer-vibe instrumentals.

Kora’s vocals are effortlessly powerful and breathe life into the narrative in a way that will capture your attention throughout. With the mic in her hands, she goes on to hit the nail on the head with her rhymes, showcasing a kind of maturity and confidence that cannot be taken away from her.

The hooks “I got 21 questions on my brain

But b*tch, driving me insane

I got 21 questions for you babe

Just tryna ease my pain” is memorable and catchy as hell and will wrap itself around your head even outside of this track!

Kora collaborates with another lyricist, Fatell, who does well to give this track that male perspective to underline the theme of the track so cleverly. “21 Questions” is the type of banger that I have no doubt will age like fine wine, thanks to how it has been ingeniously presented and how timeless it feels.

Kora is now on top of her game, and she has so much for her ever-expanding global fanbase, including a brand new album that she is set to drop next year, in 2023.

For now, you get to put yourself ahead of the Christmas mood with this epic banger; follow the attached link and let whatever listening device you are on experience the real pleasure of having Kora play through it!



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