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All Hands on Deck Giving You That Killer Vibe Is Killerteddybear Representing With “Fling”

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Killerteddybear Fling

A rhythmic, passionate, vulgar, and hedonistic, massively intoxicated booming track that jumps at you with electric charge as the Bay area maestro slinks his male vocals vibing the entire hook all by himself, not even posing once to take some breath. It is an energetic speaker-thumping, hard-hitting, and deep atmospheric song that is built by an electrically charged harmonic snare that pops and is breathtakingly unique to catch the listener’s ear as it blends impeccably with the unparalleled mix slapping from the rolling kick and deep-phased bass, the atmospheric melodic riffs accompanied by the rhythmic heavy beats that are ethereally beautiful and universally acceptable. As soon as he introduces his emo sound, flawlessly gliding over his trademark verses with that dreamy, sensual, and seductive voice oozing charisma and a natural talent for wordplay, then perhaps you understand the magnitude of his wrecking ball ability.


His off-the-cuff lyricism, technical ability, intricate flows, and inventive improvisation in designing a track that seeks to defy the categorization of any one type of genre is a monumentally prodigious creative achievement that is not replicable. This is a worth visceral listening experience as you deconstruct it in your haunted senses so that your intimacy and fluency with how he did it grows. This is a masterwork that transports a listener to an alternate universe of their own joyous creation.

This level of ferocity and energy is typical of emo-rap blended chaotically with an alternative rock to fashion a bombastic nature of a granulated performance that is fascinating hypnosis and a remarkable assault on the human brain. The vocals on display have that intoxicating bite to them leaping at you in that blistering fashion and before you know what has hit you, you are already on another stratosphere. The musicianship on display is astounding and so is the lead work that is ferociously accompanied by the bass and drum that are balanced well together creating a mix that has an intriguing grittiness to it that works gloriously well for this style of song. The intensity of this track is magnificently hard-hitting and does an exceptional job of grabbing the listener from start, refusing to let them go until the very end. Save it and make it your medicine for this year and beyond.

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